Three Reasons (of many) to Love Chardonnay

 1. Chardonnay is glamorous, prestigious, and exceptional!

The over-oaked California Chard trend may have slightly tarnished the noble grape’s reputation, but there is no denying the seduction of a well-crafted Chardonnay.  Also known as white Burgundy, Bourgogne blanc, or Chablis in Europe, Chardonnay, it’s the grande dame of white varieties. When crafted in Burgundian style—which means balanced, terroir-driven, and exhibiting bright acid and light French oak—it’s nothing short of glorious.  We craft our cool-climate Cannonball Chardonnay similar to the winemakers in Burgundy, with a measured hand and deep reverence for the grape’s natural, exceptional character.

2. Chardonnay is totally quaffable.

You know the term “arm candy”? Chardonnay is “glass candy.” Pour it anytime, anywhere; it’s so versatile it’s always right for the occasion. Cannonball Chardonnay is delicious and rich enough to star on its own for cocktails and structured enough to partner with happy-hour snacks.

3. Chardonnay is incredibly food-friendly. 

There’s good reason there’s always a great selection of Chardonnays on wine lists; along with being well structured, richer than many whites, and balanced, the beautiful varietal exhibits enough bright acidity to compliment a wide variety of foods, from leafy greens to grilled items to creamy, rich dishes. Pair Cannonball Chardonnay with omelets or quiche, salad Niçoise or grilled cheese, grilled fish or chicken or creamy pastas, or buttered popcorn or cheese boards.

Atelier Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Cannonball Chardonnay