Meet Our Founder

Yoav Gilat

Born and raised in Israel, Yoav moved to the UK in 1994 to study law at University of Kent. Yoav practiced law for several years, at which time he could no longer resist the calling of his true passion: hospitality, food, and wine. He changed course and joined Tymco Beer Ltd. managed business development for a diverse range of beverage brands: Red Bull, Corona, Beringer, Masi, Fonseca, and Planeta. He then moved on to pursue his MBA at Columbia Business School and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Business school opened doors for Yoav to develop and build on his beverage industry experience, which led to consulting work with Constellation Brands. He provided strategy and marketing services for Blackstone Winery, as well as consulted for The Campari Group with the SKYY Vodka brand. Combining his business acumen, legal knowledge, and passion for food, wine and California, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and launched Cannonball Wine Company in 2006.


The founding vision was to produce one of the best Cabernet Sauvignons under $20 for the U.S. market. I set out to make a wine that I would want to drink and be proud to share.


Wine had become so pretentious. I wanted to make a wine BY the people …. FOR the people