Sparkling Wine is the Perfect Partner for all Kinds of Fun!

Did you know that sparkling wine is the most versatile food-wine? With beautiful fruit, dry character, great acidity, and toasty notes, sparkling wine is delicious with an incredible array of flavors.


The secret to making all your entertaining effortless? Bubbles! Pour it with salt-and-fat foods like cheese and charcuterie plates, and vegetables and dip. Savor it with brunch, from bagels and lox to eggs to pancakes. Pair it at dinners with cream sauces, poultry, seafood, and salads. It always heightens the moment. 

Bubbly has come a long way since its days as the special-occasion sipper relegated to weddings and New Year’s Eve. Now, with so many high-quality, approachable (read: not crazy expensive) options, it’s a perfect choice for any  occasion. 

Better still, it doesn’t raise a single eyebrow if you pour a glass of bubbly or two for the mid-day/brunch meal. You can’t say that about bourbon or even red wine…

More importantly, sparkling wine pairs with everything! With its dry, palate-cleansing character, sparkling wine prepares your mouth to appreciate the next bite of pretty much anything you’re eating. It also stands in fantastic complementary contrast to buttery sauces and rich entrees, salty bites, acidic dishes (think salads and lemony pastas), and fried foods (yes, French fries and sparkling wine are killer together). 

And best of all, sparkling wine is FUN. There’s nothing that says joy like the pop of a cork, the rising froth of the pour, and the instant glamor of sipping a glass of sparkles. 

So, as you think about wines to stock up on for all your upcoming event, relax! There’s no reason to stare in bewilderment at the wall of wines at the supermarket or wine shop wondering what miracle varietal can easily pair with your appetizer, brunch frittata, or happy hour popcorn. Reach for bubbles and you’ve got no troubles.

We happily suggest our 90-point Angels & Cowboys Brut or our sexy 96-point, double-gold, pretty-in-pink Angels & Cowboys Brut Rosé. Both crafted in the traditional Méthode Champenoise and beautifully balanced, they’re forever party ready. With a few bottles on ice, so are you.