We all love a great glass of wine. And we’ve got Mother Earth to thank for each and every sip. After all, winemaking is inextricably tied to the Earth and her seasons.

Winegrowing depends on the health of our ecosystem because wines reflect the soil and microclimates in which grapes grow. More than that, the best wines capture the essence of place, exuding distinction through the unique flavors and dramatic beauty of specific locales. That whiff of honeysuckle or tobacco and flavors of grapefruit or dark cherry … that’s all the glory of nature’s best, bottled and delivered with love from us, in partnership with Mother Earth, to you.

Cultivating the best of nature doesn’t happen without consideration and effort. As a wine producer, SHARE A SPLASH is a member of proactive industry groups, and we are working hard to respect, restore, rejuvenate, and replenish the Earth so that she will continue to reward us.

Following are some of the ways we at SHARE A SPLASH honor Earth every day.


Sustainability & Family Farms

Over 90% of Sonoma County growers are in some stage of Sustainability Certification, and we’re always seeking to work with growers who are committed to the evolution of sustainability.

Wherever possible, we buy fruit from family growers. This is a cornerstone of sustainability and the initiative of Sonoma Sustainable, as it supports local small businesses, allows families to keep their properties, and protects farmland from urban development. Our extended-term partnerships with family growers not only provides stability. It also enables us to partner in the management of the grapes to target our desired wine styles.


After pressing and harvest, we compost the grape skins back into the vineyard soil.

Clean, Renewable Power Sources

Our winery locations in Healdsburg and Geyserville draw power from renewable geothermal sources (the Geysers), one of the cleanest and regenerative sources of power.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are employed in most vineyard sites, when tilled under, will add a natural source of invigorating nitrogen to the soil and help to fertilize the vines, improve soil structure and mineral fertility.

Water Conservation

Every drop of water counts, especially here in California. We installed drip irrigation to be used if necessary. This reduces evaporative loss of our scarce water resources. Being in California and Sonoma County, water efficiency is inherent in all vineyard practices. Rain- and runoff-fed reservoirs and ponds are common in most of our sourcing sites. Winery wastewater is collected to reclamation ponds for processing and eventual return to vineyards for irrigation.

Raising a glass of wine on Earth Day is a fitting way to lend your support and recognize our collective need to appreciate, celebrate and protect our wondrous planet.