Happy Mother’s Day to our Angels, our Cowboys, & our Trailblazers!

A Team SHARE A SPLASH tribute to our Mothers & Mother Figures

Yoav Gilat / Founder, CEO My Mom is an example to follow – navigating life with curiosity and love for people and culture. She has lived in South Africa, U.S., China and Israel. At 84, she is busier and more knowledgeable than me, and someone I look to for inspiration and advice.

Kelley Deal / Director of Marketing My Mother is a force to be reckoned with – always seeking, curious & adventurous, she has shown me how to live to the fullest at every stage of life!

Albert Savedra / Vice President of Finance & Operations At 90 my mom is still going strong… She has always opened her home to her friends who regularly congregate and celebrate – at 90, she is pretty wise, making each day a celebration!

Josh Brett / Midwest & South Division Director   It’s been over 20 years without my mom, and I miss her terribly; especially around holidays and other family gatherings, where she was the queen of the kitchen and the most gracious hostess.  We continue to honor her memory by making food, wine and family gatherings an integral part of our family life.

Isabelle Deland / Canada State Manager  My mother has shown me how to live life limitless, to reach for the unreachable. She applauded my successes; she was my biggest cheerleader!

Gil Watkins / Western / Northwestern Division Director Mom appreciated life’s simple pleasures, and had a keen wit that revealed a vast reservoir of knowledge.

Kate Krause /  Northeast Division Director My mother always finds a way to make us feel loved, whether it is a small or generous gesture. And to this day, nobody gives a better hug.

Mike Giese /  Trade Marketing Manager Growing up playing soccer, my mom was always my biggest supporter – shuffling me around to practices and games as I pursued and achieved my dream of playing in college. The sacrifices she made as well as her unconditional love and support showed me the true meaning of being ‘mom’.

Jennifer Chapple / Vice President of Sales My Mom was an amazing Woman, she had a great sense of humor and unlimited compassion and curiosity about life.  She taught me that attitude is everything and that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. She was also an incredible cook! I am so very proud to be her Daughter.

Barbara Jurbala / Central Division Director My Trailblazing Mom taught me it’s never too late to make a change and accomplish your goals.  She went back to school while working full-time and received her college degree at 58 years old. A beautiful lady, with a big heart and a passion to keep growing!

Sarah LaFlamme / Florida and Mass State Manager My Mom is the sweetest woman I know with a heart of gold. She is caring, generous, kind and has always been there for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to have her!

Megan Holst / Operations Manager My mom has always supported me with a helping hand and warm hug. I love spending time with her – sharing a laugh and a glass of wine. I’m truly lucky to have a mom like her!