2006 The Beginning

It all began with one varietal, Cabernet, and the vision to produce one of the best under $20 for the U.S. market. Enjoying co-Founder, Dennis Hills' winemaking expertise, grower relationships and keen sourcing knowledge and Founder, Yoav Gilat's business acumen, natural networking and vision, Cannonball Wines was born.

2010 And Then There Were Four

Cannonball Cabernet had established a solid reputation in the marketplace. Consumers and the trade were asking for more and as a result of market demand, the line was extended. The first varietal was Chardonnay, followed by Merlot and then Sauvignon Blanc, all bearing the Sonoma County appellation. As our first born, Cannonball California Cabernet remains our flagship wine.

Through tireless passion and drive, distribution in all the major U.S. markets and a handful of International, a solid foundation of success took hold.

2012 Cannonball Meets Astrolabe Wines from New Zealand

At a fateful meeting arranged by our Toronto agent and partner, Harris Davidson of Rogers & Company, Cannonball and Astrolabe Wines fell in love at first sight. Fall 2012, Cannonball became the exclusive U.S. agent for highly-acclaimed Astrolabe Wines from New Zealand. Recognized as one of Marlborough’s premiere producers, Astrolabe brought critical acclaim and notoriety within the Sommelier network to the portfolio.

2014 The Launch of Beloved Angels & Cowboys

Angels & Cowboys is a collaboration with award-winning (and our label) graphic designer, Michael Schwab. Michael's artwork, the name, and our vision for the style of wine were componants that organically came together. The initial plan was to produce a Zinfandel - based Sonoma County Proprietary Red label only, but our love for Rosé inspired us, and we produced a handful of cases for fun. Immediately well-received into our existing network, the first vintages sold out ahead of forecast. Both the Proprietary Red and Rosé quickly established success within our portfolio.

2016 SHARE A SPLASH wine co. is Born

After ten years of conceiving new projects and partnerships, it was time to bring in a parent for all our brands. Share a Splash Wine Co. is our portfolio trade brand. We are passionate about offering wines we believe in and are committed to innovation and authenticity on every level of our business. We strive to create and maintain long - term relationships with all of our partners and to be continually growing our global network of brand ambassadors.

Today, we are present in 45 United States and 20 International markets. Armed with the same tireless passion that launched Cannonball in 2006, we are on a mission to Share a Splash in every glass!